Animals Are Trying to Reach You…

Kim Shotola
May – Jun 2024 • Vol 4, No 10

The heart and soul connection with an animal or human loved one is eternal. After a loss, it can be hard to move forward in life, and this grief can be devastating. Many people believe they won’t see their loved ones again or be able to communicate with them. That’s not so.

Those that have crossed into the spirit world are often trying to reach you in tangible ways such as:

  • You have a dream about them.
  • You see an indentation on your bed or other furniture.
  • You notice something of theirs has been moved.
  • You see a glimpse of a shadow, an outline, or their physical likeness.
  • You notice an animal in your home is staring at something, and you don’t understand why.
  • You sense their presence near you.
  • You feel their touch on your body.

Patty’s beloved cat, LC, passed away. She deeply missed him, especially since she was challenged with many debilitating health issues. When I let Patty know about these signs, she noticed LC would visit her whenever she wasn’t feeling well. She could see indentations on her bed. She could feel him next to her. Some- times, she could even see LC. When he visited, she enjoyed talking to him. Years later, Patty still lets me know that LC comes to see her, and she is forever grateful for his devoted love.

Love is everlasting. If you pay close attention, you can notice the signs. If you aren’t sure, you can picture your loved one in your mind or look at their photo. Then, speak out loud to them, as if they’re right in front of you. Let them know you’d love to see a sign that they’re present.

You may have noticed that many animal and human souls are departing right now. Some are actually leaving to aid in humanity’s consciousness expansion. Did you know that those in the spiritual realm can provide incredible wisdom and guidance for you? By speaking with them, you can even increase the development of your overall, innate, and intuitive abilities at a faster rate because you are functioning at a higher vibration.

Consider some ways that you can continue to have a relationship with your loved ones that have passed on. For instance:

  • You can speak out loud to them regularly and tell them your thoughts and wishes.
  • You can ask them to visit you in your dreams.
  • You can meditate and ask them to come forward to be a part of your meditation.
  • You can have a conversation with them with the assistance of a medium.
  • You can learn to telepathically communicate with your loved ones in an animal-communication, mediumship, or intuition-development workshop.

Know that you’re forever connected to your loved ones that are in spirit, both animals and humans. The heart-and-soul bond is undeniable and can even be taken to profound heights of connection, empowerment, and love.

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