Prioritizing Colon Health Enhances Physical Well-Being & Nurtures the Connection Between Mind, Body & Spirit!

Maria Low
July – August 2024 • Vol 4, No 11

Gary Young was a student of the late Norman W. Walker (1867–1985), who died at 118 years of age, and the late Dr. Bernard Jensen. Both doctors spent their lifetime studying colon health and colon therapy for a more vibrant life.

Dr. Walker once said, “Colon health is a forgotten part of the body.”  He wrote the book Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life! to share with people how every organ, gland, and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the large intestine—the colon. He explains how every affliction in the body can be prevented with proper colon function.

The Colon’s Impact on Total Body Wellness

The first stage of healing is to give attention to the colon. If the feces in the colon are putrefied and fermented, nutritional elements cannot pass through the wall or the colon. In addition, polluted products pass into the bloodstream.

This creates a condition called toxemia, in which the blood contains poisonous products which are produced by the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Often when a fecal incrustation forms and the lining of the colon cannot function properly; the necessary colon lubrication is not available. Under these circumstances, the peristaltic waves for evacuation become very weak.

Gary Young also observed various intestinal and parasitic problems in every patient with whom he worked.  He studied the degeneration of the connective tissue, degeneration of the nervous system, and scores of other health issues connected with poor colon health. He had to first start by cleansing the colon.

In the beginning, Gary Young purchased herbs from other nutritional companies. Over time, he found that the herbs no longer had the power in them that they had years before. He was not getting the results from the products he was purchasing. He began to go out to the desert and other places to find wild herbs for his patients.

It was quite a job to cut and dry the herbs so that they could be placed in a clear capsule. However, patients were happy with the results and did not want to go home without this herbal remedy. The patients began to fill the capsules themselves and this became the first Young Living herbal product, called Comfortone®.

Artery Health & Dietary Impacts

Endothelial cells line all the veins and arteries in your body. These cells release a gas called nitric oxide. The proper amount of nitric oxide is important because it tells your arteries and veins to relax for healthy blood flow. Thus, nitric oxide is a controller of blood flow. If your extremities do not receive enough circulation, your organs can literally begin to wither.

With poor food choices and poor food preparation techniques, the saturated fat, trans fat and bad cholesterol increases in the blood. This in turn accumulates in the artery wall, triggering an inflammatory response. When the veins and arteries become compromised, less oxygen is available to the body and the brain. When a person continues to eat foods that are fried at high temperatures, to consume corn syrups, white sugar, to drink pasteurized milk and soft drinks, or to consume meat as the last meal of the day which may not digest properly, they may find themselves driving in the left lane of life.

Evidence shows a 15% to 20% increase in arterial problems and an increased risk of cancers of the colon or rectum for every 50 grams of processed meat consumed. These are cold cuts, smoked meats and other meats with added nitrates. Limiting meat portions   to 10% of the menu or less and chewing well will make a difference.

In the past, people would put a bone with meat in a pot, often adding a bay le