A Primer on the “Biological Terrain” for Mature, Loving Relationships

Christopher Lee Rudy
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 115

Few are the men or women who understand the dynamic biological change of life that so dramatically affects mature relationships. Biologic-ally, both women and men are ‘defined’ by their hormone balance between estrogen and testosterone with about 60%/40%, respectively, for women, and 40%/60% for men.

In about the same proportions, women tend to ‘think’ with their feelings, i.e., they’re right-brain dominant. And men tend to ‘feel’ with their thinking, i.e., they’re left-brain dominant. Exceptions to this rule include ‘Alpha females’—a strong masculine soul incarnate in a woman’s body, and ‘Omega males’—with a strong feminine soul incarnate in a man’s body. So hormonally, we are ‘wired differently.’ This is psychologically controversial but biologically irrefutable.

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