A Larger Toolbox!

Dr. Peter Kozlowski
March – April 2021 • Vol 3, No 114

Functional Medicine is an approach to preventative health and chronic disease that is individualized to your story and your body. As a traditional Family Practice doctor, I was taught to listen to your symptoms and figure out which medication would help alleviate those symptoms. As a Functional Medicine doctor, I was taught to listen to your story and help you uncover what could have led to those symptoms and what is contributing to those symptoms lingering or worsening.

If you choose Functional Medicine, then the focus will not be on treating your symptoms, but on what could be imbalanced in your body and what can bring it into balance (and in this, the symptoms may be relieved in a more lasting way). What do you have too much of? Bad food, gut inflammation, estrogen, toxins, stress, etc. What do you not have enough of? Thyroid hormone, vitamin D, self-care, progesterone, exercise, etc. Hippocrates, a few thousand years ago, said, “All disease begins in the gut.” He was onto something because this is where we frequently start.

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