& “Love on the Path Home”

David Christopher Lewis
July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

This wonderful magazine shares fantastic articles from health-conscious practitioners and advocates across Montana. We all desire to make a difference by both practicing and promoting lifestyles and modalities that honor the image and likeness in which our Creator has fashioned us—what “nature intended.” Through our own experiences and that of others, we’ve learned that when we move afield from our intended pathway by ingesting unnatural, chemically altered, modified, or biologically manipulated foods, drinks, and drugs, or when we engage in risky or dark behaviors and activities, our bodies, minds and spirits suffer, which allows disease or depressed states to set in.

Conversely, when we return to living as close to nature as possible—eating organically grown fruits, berries, melons, nuts, seeds, vegetables and herbs (preferably local and fresh), and when we act with loving-kindness, our bodies respond and restore us to health, vitality and well-being.

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