at the Body, Mind, Spirit Health & Wellness Expo!

Uschi Beck
July – August 2024 • Vol 4, No 11

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth? Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Body Mind Spirit Health & Wellness Expo, featuring three exceptional speakers who will guide you towards unlocking your full potential. Get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered as you delve into the realms of spirituality, wellness, and abundance.

Evening KEYNOTE: Psychic Medium Kathleen Johns

Kathleen Johns, renowned for over three decades of connecting with the spiritual realm, will serve as a bridge between our world and the afterlife. Through her extraordinary psychic abilities, Kathleen delivers personal messages from departed loved ones, offering profound healing and insight.

Afternoon: The Food Codes with Lana Nelson

Tired of diets that don’t work? Nutrition pioneer Lana Nelson shares her groundbreaking The Food Codes System. Learn easy techniques to identify foods ideally suited for your unique needs and say goodbye to one-size-fits-all plans.

Morning: The Abundant Soul with Dawna Campbell

Start your day with “The Mind Whisperer,” Dawna Campbell’s signature “The Abundant Soul” presentation. Unearth and reprogram deep-seated beliefs hindering financial prosperity as Dawna illuminates hidden pathways to wealth.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity! Early-bird tickets to experience all three transformative speakers are on sale until August 8th for only $135 (regular $180). Secure your spot now and embark on an unforgettable journey to heal your mind, body, and soul, while unlocking the door to fulfillment and prosperity!

Body Mind Spirit Health & Wellness Expo

Saturday, October 19, 2024

Civic Center • 340 Neill Avenue • Helena MT

Ballroom: Vendor Show • 10 am–4 pm

Auditorium: Speaker Presentations • 10:30 am–8:30 pm

Tickets available at: