Giving Thanks for Earth, Sun, Cosmos, Nature and/or God

Arnold Shapiro, MD
Jan – Feb 2024 • Vol 4, No 8

Transpersonal gratitude is the third of three Dimensions of Gratitude. The other two (covered in previous articles of this magazine) are Intrapersonal (for the plentitude within us), and Interpersonal (for the benefits we receive from others). Transpersonal gratitude refers to everything from the World (Earth/Sun/Cosmos/ Nature/God) that we can be thankful for.

We are continuously sup-ported, lifelong, by the Earth’s air that we breathe, and by the ground beneath us that we are gravitationally attached to. The Sun gives us lifelong light and energy/warmth. The Sun is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, a disc of a few hundred million stars, and is estimated to be 5 billion years old. The Earth is a planet, along with several others that have orbited the sun since it formed.

The Earth is our home in the vast Universe. During the last few billion years, Life, directed by DNA, has initiated and evolved on Earth, all the way to our miraculous lives and conscious awareness. We are branches of the Tree of Life. It has its figurative roots in the earliest life forms, one-celled organisms. These earliest forms are called “Extremophiles,” and were able to survive the harsh conditions of the early Earth. Some forms of Extremophiles still flourish around the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park!

Only relatively recently (±50,000 years), has there been consciousness, language, and reasoning. We are the special creatures that have the capacity to thank our precious lives, and our roots.

Gratitude is found in all cultures that inhabit our planet. It is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. It is a socio-cultural “glue” that binds us together. Indigenous peoples everywhere have gratitude for the Great Spirits that created their land and ancestors, and support their lives. Gratitude is expressed in ceremonies, where sources of support are highly praised.

All three Dimensions of Gratitude are interconnected. We share extensive commonality, within us, between us, and outside us. The traditional Hindu greeting “Namaste’” expresses commonality and kinship by communicating: “The essence within me salutes the essence within you.” Gratitude is a part of Inner Peace, and Unity with the Allness.

— Namaste!

Dr. Shapiro is a career clinic physician who has utilized relaxation techniques with many of his patients. His YouTube channel is: “Arnie Shapiro, MD • Breathing Easy.” Email Dr. Shapiro at: