A Look at NingXia Red, Young Living’s Bestselling Product

Maria Low
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

I am often asked during presentations, “What product is the biggest seller for Young Living Essential Oils?” Some would guess Lavender essential oil, or perhaps Thieves or Wintergreen or Oregano. You may be surprised that it is none of these! The most requested and best-selling product is NingXia Red, a nutritious juice made from wolfberries.

How did Young Living founder, Gary Young, come across NingXia Wolfberries? One day, a woman scientist named Sue Chao walked through the door at his modest office and warehouse. She had with her a bottle of Young Living Essential Oils. She held up the bottle to Gary Young and asked him, “What is the chemical composition of the contents in this bottle?”

Gary passed the bottle under his nose and told her his estimation of the percentages of the terpenes called linalool and eugenol. She thought to herself, “How can he know that? I am going back to the lab and will test the oil and see whether he is correct.”

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