In Nature, Religion & Life

David Christopher Lewis
May – June 2021 • Vol 3, No 115

Just before Easter this year, Patricia DeWitt, a fellow Capricorn, friend, and one-time personal assistant in my work for The Hearts Center, passed on at the age of 78. She lived in Paradise Valley and then in Bozeman for over 33 years. As I communed with her radiant and joyful spirit, I distinctly heard that she desires to move on beyond this plane of existence on Ascension Thursday, May 13th, which is 40 days after Easter Sunday, and shortly after this magazine is printed and distributed. Later this summer, we will celebrate her life in a special memorial service in Bozeman.

Although she didn’t quite make it to the ripe age of “four score,” her enthusiasm on many issues and her infectious laugh and beautiful smile will be an inspiration to many of us for years to come. If you knew Patricia and would like to attend her memorial, or share a brief testimony or anecdote, please contact Kathleen Karlsen by email at: We’ll send you details on the service once they are confirmed.

For years, I have contemplated the mysteries surrounding the ascension and the number 40 as it is found and highlighted in nature, the Holy Bible, Christianity and other religions. Here are a few examples of when and where 40 appears in the following traditions.

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