For Better Digestion & Liver Support—Even Cleaning!

Maria Low
March – April 2023 • Vol 4, No 3

Valued for centuries all over the world, the small but mighty lemon, in water first thing in the morning, or in these clean and potent products, can get rid of phlegm, ease asthma, promote heart health, alkalinize your pH, normalize blood sugar, help digestion & more.

The small but mighty lemon has a rich history all over the world! The lemon is believed to have originated from Northeastern India. In addition, the ancient Egyptians ate lemons to protect themselves from several forms of poison. Later, the Americas were introduced to lemons in 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the mid-1700s, the Scottish doctor James Lind discovered that sailors could be cured of scurvy with lemons. At that time, vitamin C had not yet been discovered. Historically, lemon juice was the sole source of citric acid used as a preserving agent in food production.

Nutritional Properties of Lemon
Lemons are “anionic,” which means they have more electrons (negatively charged ions) of energy in their atomic structure. Most foods are cations (positively charged ions). The lemon is one of the only foods on the planet that has more “anions” than “cations” in its atomic structure. Saliva, hydrochloric acid, bile, and the stomachs’ digestive juices are all anionic.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice helps to remove toxins from the digestive tract. Support your liver first thing in the morning by drinking a big glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. One lemon contains 50% of your recommended daily vitamin C. Lemons contain not only vitamin C, but also potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Lemons are higher in potassium than apples or grapes!

Lemons at Home
Did you know that lemon juice is naturally antibacterial? Do you have a dirty dishwasher? Add lemon juice to the rinse cycle to clean. Dirty roasting pans? A teaspoon of lemon juice will cut grease. Hard water spots on faucets? Cover the area with lemon juice, wait 15 minutes, then wipe clean.

Smelly onions or garlic? Cut a lemon in half and rub the cut end over the cutting board. This will remove any scent from your cutting board. Or spruce up ugly grout by spraying lemon juice, allowing it to stand for ten minutes, then scrubbing off.

Young Living Essential Oils is fortunate to have an abundance of citrus oils from its own farms that comply with the Seed to Seal Standard. One hundred percent pure Lemon Essential Oil is available for purchase, as well as other incredible lemon products from the new line called Lushious Lemon.

Lushious Lemon Hand Soap & Lotion
Young Living’s unique supply of citrus trees inspired the first formula of Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap. The hand soap has plant-based ingredients for cleansing, along with natural antibacterial qualities. The lemon trees are grown at the Young Living farms in South Africa, the United States, and Argentina.

The science department at Young Living began formulating and testing citrus combinations to make a rich cream that also had anti-toxic components. The product created from this testing is called Lushious Lemon Lotion. The beautiful scent and qualities of Lemon Myrtle from Australia enhances the healing qualities of the lotion.

After applying Lushious Lemon Lotion on your hands, your skin will feel soft and smooth. The lotion can also help to moisturize your feet. If you put on cotton socks after applying the lotion, the oils will continue to work on your feet as you walk around. The lotion coats the skin; however, it still allows the skin to breathe. This is a vegan formula, free from chemicals and synthetics. What makes this formula even more unique is the oil from water-melon seeds that absorb quickly and protects against aging of the skin.

Lushious Lemon Essential Oil Blend
As the experimentation continued, what evolved next was the Lushious Lemon Essential Oil Blend. The essential oils added to this blend provide optimal health support. The blend includes Myrtle essential oil, long known for cleansing and healing the skin. Other oils that amplify the blend’s strength include: Ylang Ylang, Spearmint, and Eucalyptus. The formula is powerful yet provides a beautiful, clean scent.

The Lushious Lemon blend is not only used on location straight or mixed with a carrier oil, but it can be used in a diffuser to purify the air and lift the spirits. Lushious Lemon is a lovely blen