Food, Essential Oils & Even Thoughts Carry Vibrations!

Maria Low
May – June 2022 • Vol 3, No 121

In 1990, Gary Young spent time in France learning about the art of essential-oil distillation. France is famous for its lavender fields. He studied the different cultivars of lavender and collected the very best seeds and secretly brought them home to the U.S. in his cowboy boots. He planted the seeds in the backyard of the Young Living office building. The descendants of those lavender plants are now growing on the Young Living lavender farm in St. Marie’s, Idaho.

France was the only country at the time that had a laboratory facility for testing and certifying the attributes of essential oils. Americans were not as quick to utilize essential oils as Europeans. For example, there were hospitals in France with tents over patients’ beds, with a computer pad set up to regulate the dispensing of various essential oil. Patients loved it!

After his visit to France, Gary went on to study the science of essential oils in Syria, Turkey, and Germany.

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