Live Them with Conscious Intention & Co-create a Joyful, Fulfilling Pattern for the Year Ahead!

David Christopher Lewis
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

How do we express our joy at the coming of the New Year? Most of us intuitively feel that the start of a New Year allows us the opportunity for a new beginning and an enhanced experience. Perhaps we have the desire for the year to progress in a more harmonious and balanced way, which will bring us the fulfillment and happiness we long for.

Bulgarian teacher Mikhaël Aïvanhov provided a beautiful understanding and practice for the first twelve days of the New Year that can assist us to be aware in a deeper and more authentic way.

His teaching encourages a fuller understanding of the vital potential that lies in the first twelve days of the year and how they can prefigure positively the course of the twelve months ahead.

Mikhaël Aïvanhov was born in 1900, in an area of Macedonia that is now part of Bulgaria. He met the Master Peter Deunov in 1917 and studied with him for 20 years. He was sent by Deunov to France in 1937, and was referred to as Master Omraam after his return from a year-long pilgrimage to India. He taught in France for the next 49 years. His teachings were given orally and later transcribed and translated for publication in many languages. Omraam promoted a natural and practical lifestyle, rich in spiritual practices that include silent meditation at dawn before the sunrise, a vegetarian diet, working closely with nature, and communion with divine spirits.

Omraam inspires us to imagine the New Year as alive and bringing us valuable gifts. He says in his teaching transcribed in the book, The New Year (

“Yes, we must understand the new year better; we must go out to meet it in the deep conviction that it is a highly gifted living being and that it brings us valuable presents; we must learn to prepare a lot of space within ourselves so as to be able to receive this abundance of gifts; we must continually sweep out all the old junk that litters our hearts and minds, and make room for the new year even before it comes.”

Regarding the influence of the stars on the yearly cycle, he says:

“The Cabbalah also tells us that The New Year is influenced by the stars. The birth of a new year is like the birth of a child: it is the beginning of a life that will last just twelve months. When a child is born, one can draw up a horoscope based on the date and time of birth and thus foresee the principal events of the child’s life. And we can do the same for the birth of a new year; in fact you should know that the first day of the year determines the first month, the second day—the second month, the third day—the third month, and so on. So you must try to live, think, feel and behave as well