Michele Lewis, CFSP
May-June 2019 • Vol 3, No 104

I know all of you out there have been doing a great job cleaning and decluttering this spring! Now that you’ve finished some basic tidying up, you can clean at a deeper level through the use of efficacious methods for space clearing. Space clearing is cleansing at an energetic level, removing accumulations of negative yin qi. Negative qi is both seen and unseen, and can be felt through our own sensitivity. It gathers in buildings and spaces, clings to walls, ceilings, and furniture and tends to “hide” behind objects, in closets, corners and dark spaces. This extreme yin energy also will sink and accumulate on the floor.

There are many types of negative yin qi. Emotional energy, such as anger and hostility, as well as sadness and fear, can all be felt in a home. Behavior patterns that are spiritually or emotionally unhealthy and those that cause illness and even death, including suicide, carry this energy. Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse—as well as all other addictions—carry a type of negative energy that accumulates over time in a home or building. In many cases, the occupant is unaware that there has been a gradual build-up of negative energy. Negative yin qi can enter a building or space through other people, animals, or through forces we may not be aware of.

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