Using Color Creatively

Michele Lewis, CFSP
March – April 2021 • Vol 3, No 114

Are you ready to bring some new energy into your living and work space? With many of you working from home or spending a lot of time at home right now, it may be time to liven things up a little.

An excellent way to bring new qi to a space is with color! Color is all around us, and you can use it for positive change. Our perception of color and its energy effects our emotions, well-being, state of health, and even our thoughts.
The qi that flows through color penetrates through many layers of our awareness.

On the physical level, color is light energy and comes out of white light. Every nuance of color has its own unique frequency of wavelength and vibratory pattern. For instance, navy blue has a completely different qi and quality than an aqua blue. The color and tones of color used on your walls, furniture, your clothing, and everything you surround yourself with can have a positive or negative impact. If your environment, clothes, and everything around you are dark or drab, this will have a negative impact on how you perceive life and what you convey to others about yourself.

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