Let These Elements Bathe You in Nourishing, Healing Qi

Michele Lewis, CFSP
July-August 2020 • Vol 3, No 110

After being indoors and doing all we could to minimize the spread of illness this past spring, it is time to get outside! Get some sun, swim in water, and breathe fresh air!

How about a family trek to a beautiful lake or river surrounded by lots of trees or a natural, outdoor hot springs? Montana has so many choices to get lots of sunshine, clean, pure air, as well as great places to swim—both in fresh water and hot springs.

What is it about the sun and nature that is so appealing, so healing? In Feng Shui practice, we strive to bring the balance of the elements into our environments, and this healthy balance can be found in abundance in the natural environment.

Swimming in water renews energy, quiets the mind, and has a deeply cleansing, balancing power at all levels of consciousness that is unequaled. Bathing in fresh water has many purifying benefits as the sun charges the water. Even if it’s slow running, the movement of a river allows it to cleanse and purify itself, increasing the qi and enhancing the air and land around it.

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