Radiate the Happiness You Are Feeling Inside

Michele Lewis, CFSP
Mar – Apr 2022 • Vol 3, No 120

It seems that anything ever written about Feng Shui will tell you that the practice of Feng Shui will bring you happiness. What exactly IS happiness? According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is “the experience of good fortune, contentment, and joy.”

Everyone wants to be happy, right? Most people say they want happiness in their lives, but many do not truly believe that they deserve it. This deep-seated belief can be quite effective at keeping happiness and the state of true inner peace and joy from entering your life.

Are you afraid to be happy? What would change in your life experience if, at this very moment, you decided you have the right to inner contentment? This means being willing to take a giant leap and change our view of ourselves and the world around us—a daring act that could bring radical change in our lives. Our perception and belief as to what kind of life we deserve to have, as well as how we perceive and accept our life experiences, will have an enormous impact on what we create within ourselves and around us.

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