The Veil Is Thinning—Enlightenment Is Winning!

Christopher Rudy
Sept – Oct 2023 • Vol 4, No 6

Christopher Rudy—”The Metaphysician”  •  The Heartcom Network Archives

Over the last 50 years, I’ve been pioneering Aquarian principles and processes that will define, refine and ‘shine’ global infrastructure for a Great Awakening. This journey—from Capitol Hill to Web 3.0 Internet—has seen me wearing numerous ‘hats’ as a visionary futurist, photographer, architect and whole systems designer before raising four children and developing four holistic-health centers.

This article is a synopsis of high- lights from my 2023 Mainstream Awakening Series—more than 33 free-online e-books with cartoons, embedded videos, and ‘chapters’ (hotlinks) for a deep dive into issues I’ve focused on in my other 300+ e-books. This is a ‘holistic’ (holographic) romp into Aquarian dynamics, exposing the global crises that are compelling the Great Awakening to The Aquarian Quantum Age of Great Enlightenment!

I realize that an all-connected ‘quantum everything’—including ‘Effective Sensory Perception’—is a stretch for even futurists who have read this far.

‘G.O.D. as LOVE‘ (Geometry Of Divinity)
Framing Divine Order with Aquarian Light Language

We live during that epoch zeitgeist of Revelations when there is great darkness and great light in the contrasting kind of way that defines the big picture of a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness, emphasizing 90% of the word.

Full-spectrum enlightenment is our divine destiny, and a Great Awakening is accelerating the process. But a unified field of ‘Collective Conscience’ is still catching up to match breakthrough innovations via instant-everywhere-interactive Internet capabilities for a new Common Sense—Unity in our Diversity. That’s where it’s going folks!

“E Pluribus Unum” — (Out of Many, One!)
Great Seal of the United States now representing all of US as United Sovereigns of Earth

Note the symbolism in the Great Seal with the eagle’s left leg holding on to ‘war (arrows), and the right leg holding on to peace (olive branch). This is the contrast between the ‘left-handed path’ (external control matrix), and the ‘right-handed path’ (internal powershift).

“Humanity has the option to become successful on our planet if we reorient world production away from weaponry—from killingry to livingry. Can we convince humanity in time?”
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

The ‘Product’ ~ Heartware ~ is a ‘Process’: