Immune System Strengthening & Much More

Maria Low
July – August 2021 • Vol 3, No 116

Recently, people have been asking me about the virtues of pine needles, as articles have been placed on the Internet stating that these needles could be helpful for the immune system during these times.

Pine needles come from the Conifer tree. The indigenous peoples of North America have always revered the Conifer tree for use in health maintenance and for helping the body to recover from several maladies. Both the bark and needles are used.

Once the branches or the bark have been harvested, the trick is to figure out how to secure the essential, active components. If the needles are placed in water and brought to a boil, is there anything beneficial left?

Certainly, the water would have a pine flavor, but high temperatures will remove the health benefits, as the essential oils are destroyed. At the Young Living Farms, the temperature of distillers rarely goes over 160ºF. Most Conifers are distilled at around 140ºF.

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