Key Insights for Inspired Living

Gypsy Cloud
March-April 2019 • Vol 3, No 103

We are all blessed with a unique Divine Soul purpose. When we are aligned with it, we feel empowered—we thrive and shine. In the radiance of our authenticity, we positively effect, perhaps even inspire, the lives of others. Living our Soul purpose brings us direction, deep satisfaction, and motivation to succeed in our chosen endeavors. It’s not a secret, yet we may remain uncertain as to what our Soul purpose is or how to find it. The Akashic Records are available to us all as the Soul’s “golden key” life manual, unlocking our unique talents and gifts, the history of the soul, and opening promising visions of future possibilities.

How many times have we recognized that we repeated, once more, a negative pattern, which left us regretful of that choice? We promise ourselves that we will do it differently next time, yet there’s a proverbial foot nailed to the floor, and we’re not always successful at keeping that promise. Sometimes we almost catch ourselves, yet an elusive fog seems to cover what might bring clarity and assist us with interrupting a pattern. In other cases, we are living uninspired lives, as we were taught we “should” live.

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