Incredibly Sweet, Tender & Simply Delicious!

Janice Feuer-Haugen
January-February 2020 • Vol 3, No 108

An almost effortless recipe for amazing sweet potatoes. And a complete contrast from the hot oven method we’ve all used to roast sweet potatoes. Game changing actually, the way long, slow roasting at 275º enhances both the sweetness and texture of sweet potatoes. Israeli chef and restaurateur Michael Solomonov developed Slow Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Labneh (strained yogurt) after being inspired by a meal he enjoyed in Tel Aviv. Lucky for the rest of us, he’s shared his inspiration.

Saveur Magazine explains that slow roasting “will convert more starches into sugars and caramelize more of those sugars for deeper browned flavor.”

Although usually associated with Thanksgiving, nutrient- and fiber-rich sweet potatoes deserve a place on our plate throughout the year.

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