From the Editor…

Buttercup Squash Soup — Fall Gold! • Janice Feuer–Haugen
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Repair & Rejuvenation • Christopher Rudy
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to Lose Weight & Release Toxins • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.

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The Feng Shui of Food • Michele Lewis
To Health Practitioners: Integral Breathwork™ Seminar in Billings • Sharli Kiner
The Deception of Breast Cancer Detection • Robert Anderson, Ph.D.
The Meteor Shower…with Portents for Sept—Oct 2013 • Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
What Massage Can Do for YOU and your DOG! • CJ Puotinen & Adele Delp
The Brain Gym Circuit for Eyes & Visual Cortex • Marlenea La Shomb
Branding Obesity as a Disease — Who Wins? • Christine Foskett, D.C.
The Promise of the Rainbow & Full-Spectrum Enlightenment • Christopher Rudy
The Jade Ring of Power Retreat: Awakening the Heart of the Jaguar • Will Michael
Oxymorons — “I Dunno… Why?” • Internet Troll®
Get Your Body Back! Zija® Weight Balance System • Laura Bolduc