Are you a first-time author, or would you like to be? Denis can assist you to get familiar with the many industries involved, including:

  • Manuscript writing in Microsoft Word, editing, typesetting, proofreading, layout, cover design and illustrations.
  • Preparing blurbs, endorsements and marketing materials. Procuring the ISBN and bar code and copyrighting.
  • Getting printer quotes. Working with Amazon, Kindle and iBook to publish as an e-book.
  • Options for Print-on-Demand, Google eBookstore, and the benefits of doing your own short-run print job.
  • Self-promotion (online and in-print, interviews, articles, endorsements, etc.) for optimal sales and marketing.

You will learn what parts of this you can (and must) do on your own, and what aspects you should “farm out” to the experts. As our guideline and textbook, we’ll be using Peter Bowerman’s award-winning book, “The Well-Fed Self-Publisher,” including his very detailed timeline and checklist. To order Peter’s book, visit:

With Denis as your self-publishing coach and mentor, your success is almost assured—depending on you, of course! You will soon learn that writing and publishing your own book isn’t so daunting after all and is actually doable.

Denis teaches a self-publishing class especially for first-time authors: “I Should Write a Book!” in Livingston, Montana, as part of the local adult-education programs. It is 8 hours on four Wednesdays, and costs $40. It is usually taught in the spring. (He also teaches classes on Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe Photoshop.) For upcoming classes, go to:

Denis is also active in the Livingston, Montana Toastmasters Club. For more info, go to: or see the club’s Adult Community Education listing at:

Denis Ouellette is the creator of a health magazine, “Natural Life News & Directory” and the author and self-publisher of his own book, “Heal Yourself.” He has functioned as a publishing consultant, editor and graphic artist for 17 years, and has taken many first-time authors from their raw manuscripts to a finished and printed book (and e-book). This has included all shapes and sizes, both fiction and non-fiction, from small booklets to major works.

He has assisted the authors with editing, typesetting and layout, as well as the cover design and interior illustrations. He has interfaced with both printers and print-on-demand with He is well connected with various experts in the field who can be brought in as needed, such as proofreaders, web designers, and/or marketing and sales experts.

IF YOU ALWAYS WANTED to write a book but didn’t know where or how to get started, I can help.

Feel free to call my cell number for a
(406) 224-2349 or CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL