Move Over, Hummus—There’s a New Dip in Town!

Janice Feuer-Haugen
May-June 2019 • Vol 3, No 104

Crunchy, sweet, nutritionally rich carrots appear on most every dip and vegetable platter. Yet, we never see carrots as the star. With today’s recipe, that’s what’s happening. Stand aside hummus, there’s a new dip in town. Rich, flavorful, light and vibrant, Roasted Carrot Tahini Dip is equally satisfying whether spread on a leaf of baby romaine, served as a dip with crudités, or enjoyed from a spoon as a quick pick-me-up.

Yes, you can find carrots in markets throughout the year. Though the freshest and most flavorful, locally grown carrots are available from June through October. Choose carrots with the deepest orange color for the greatest amount of beta-carotene. Generally, carrots with the largest diameters will be the sweetest, as they have a larger core, which is where the carrot’s sugar is concentrated. With organically grown carrots, there is no need to peel them, just wash them well.

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