Through Daily Meditation

David Christopher Lewis
September – October 2022 • Vol 3, No 123

When we enter into the stillness of our inner being and find the light of our Source present and centered there, that light is a witness to all that is vibrating throughout the cosmos. As we still our mind, our emotions, and our thoughts and feelings, we co-create with the Divine an intimate opportunity for communion of the highest order. We may experience an infusion throughout our being of that quiescent energy of Spirit. Spirit moves through us and all about us. The light affects the core of our being and leads us to Self-realization and enlightenment.

There are many forms that meditation can take. There are guided meditations, meditation in nature, walking meditation, meditation in complete silence. We can maintain a continuous level of meditation throughout the day in which we remain centered in our Divine Presence, being mindful and heart-centered and embodying love, peace and joy.

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