Your Questions Answered

Brandi Crawford
Jan – Feb 2022 • Vol 3, No 119

Beginning on January 1st, 2022! Whether or not you are new to the cannabis world or have been involved in the medical side of the industry, our staff at Ganja Goddess are excited to answer any questions you may have as we approach the new year.

The Basics:

  • Adults 21 or older are allowed to carry/purchase 1 ounce or equivalent in cannabis products beginning January 1st, 2022.
  • All cannabis products must be child resistant OR transported in a child resistant bag.

How do you determine which dispensary is medical or recreational or has a license for both?
Each dispensary is required to have signage clearly posted notifying the public of who can purchase at their specific location. The CCD (Cannabis Control Division) will also be updating their website to indicate which locations sell medical only and which sell both medical and recreational for adult use.

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