We Never Know When These Qualities Will Become Important

Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
July – August 2022 • Vol 3, No 122

We never know when the qualities of patience, persistence and gratitude will become important in our lives. Recently I met with several of my retired friends at the coffee shop for an informal meeting and here is what transpired.

Bob who was a plumber was the first to share. The internet server company he uses had made a recent change which caused problems with his voice mail on his land line. Bob works part time as a “handyman” and needs his voice mail for his customers. He called the company and spoke with eight different technicians before his problem was resolved. He said all the technicians he spoke to over a ten-day period were courteous and polite and each had assured him that his problem had been corrected.

However, each time he hung up with the technician, he found the “problem” was still on his voice mail. The last technician did correct the problem. Bob had to describe his problem with every technician to help them understand what was needed. He said it took a lot of patience on his part to calmly repeat the same information again and again.

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