Can PET Increase Your Quality of Life?

Janet Burke & James Tree-Gilmore
Mar – Apr 2024 • Vol 4, No 9

A condition or disease is not just physical but is multidimensional according to modern quantum physics. Many health practitioners are now recognizing the benefits of addressing human conditions and ailments from that multi-dimensional approach. The body manifests symptoms that may be based in, not just this 3-D world, but also incorporate aspects from the mental, emotional, soul, or spiritual realms as well. With Physio-Energy Therapy, we use tools of the physical, spiritual, emotional and quantum dimensional realms to address conditions and the person in their entirety, thus resulting in a more complete and lasting improvement, compared to more conventional techniques. PET has been practiced for over eight years in Montana.

As an example, in one of our early weekend PET clinics, a first-time client was suffering for over 20 years from an advanced case of Multiple Sclerosis. As she entered our office, we noticed she was dragging one leg behind her. Other symptoms included some slurred speech and trouble with writing due to the shaking in her hands. Understanding that connections have been found between old neck injuries and some autoimmune problems, we addressed her old neck injury first, applying the various methods that make up PET.

She had noticeable results as she walked out of the office with her legs straight and equal in length, her speech normal, and her hands no longer shaking. When she returned to work that day, the results were quite evident to her co-workers who commented on her immediate changes.

Where PET Is Effective
PET has proven effective for addressing the symptoms of: restricted movement from injuries, back and neck pain, sciatica, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, headaches, TMJ, sports injuries, and the side effects of cancer treatments. To see a list of symptoms that have been relieved through PET, see the first-hand testimonials HERE.

What Is Physio-Energy Therapy (PET)
PET is a combination of energy medicines and osteopathic-based techniques that address the health of the whole human.

Janet Burke and James Tree-Gilmore have effectively blended together several different healing modalities and techniques to create Physio-Energy Therapy (PET). Both have extensive experience as therapists and bring a lively and fun experience to their sessions.

Blending these therapies during a session provides for a multi-dimensional approach, with the benefits of addressing the whole physical, mental, and energetic aspects of health for clients. The best results come from two therapists working together in universal harmony on the client.

How Does PET Work?
During a PET session, our initial goal is to bring the client into a state of deep, neurological peace and stillness. When this is accomplished, the brain starts to release the building blocks for the regeneration of every aspect of the client’s body, mind and spirit, thereby setting up the interdimensional healing that is needed for the body to recover.

With that in place, the rest of the session involves the application of our nonmanipulative and non-invasive, complementary approach to the client’s whole being.

The History of PET
In 2016, Janet and James (a Cherokee) met at a Sacred Pipe ceremony that James was performing at. A spiritual bond formed, and as they were both alternative-healthcare practitioners, they began practicing their combined healing techniques together. They discovered that by blending their healing modalities on one client at the same time, the effectiveness of the results was magnified greatly. This led them to creating PET. They formed The Whole Health School of Holistic Therapies in 2018.

Twice a month James joins with Janet at one of their two offices in either Hamilton or Anaconda, Montana, to provide effective relief to many health challenges for living a better quality of life. They are currently offering workshops and classes in various cities a