Ask Dr. Ma: I Need Help with My Lack of Patience!

Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., LMT, P.Tr.
May – June 2023 • Vol 4, No 4

Dear Dr. Ma,

They say patience is a virtue. Apparently, that’s one I wasn’t born with. Please! Do you have any advice for my lack of patience?

— James

Dear James,

A lack of patience is often a sign of a phosphorus deficiency, James. This amazing chemical element (with the atomic number 15) is found in the nucleus of each cell, in bodily fluids, and in solid tissue as potassium phosphate. As calcium phosphate, it enters the bony structure. Its Greek root is: phos-, meaning “light,” and -phoros, meaning “carrier, bearer.” And, after all, we are sunlight-activated, energy beings!

One of the major non-metals in the body and a negatively-charged ion, phosphorus performs a great variety of chemical reactions. It usually combines with four oxygen atoms to form the phosphate ion. Oxygen is also a carrier. All cells have to have oxygen to do their chores, from our first breath to our last, and every breath in between. So, make each breath count!

Phosphorus is a major part of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an energy-transfer catalyst. Your B vitamins and vitamin-D hormones are only effective when phosphorus is present; it is a necessity for the brain and nervous systems to function.

Without phosphorus, we could not study, memorize, read, reason, create, visualize, or comprehend! With each thought, phosphorus is used up. Phosphorus is synonymous with intelligence and consciousness. It is the medium for coupling the soul with matter. It appears luminous in the dark and burns with a white flame!

Fireflies are so named because they have much phosphorus. If we had abundant phosphorus, like the aurora borealis, we too would shine in the dark. This luminescence is known as the aura—the light sphere around your body that makes you phosphorescent! Many ancient tribes would travel to bathe in and breath in the light energy of the aurora borealis for the year!

James, symptoms of phosphorus deficiency typically include: loss of patience, neurosis, craving for excitement, psychosis, fears and anxiety, constant fatigue, sensitivity to noise and to criticism, and a lack of confidence—in short, a lack of light!

Phosphorus has three main functions to perform:

1) Brain Function— We cannot think, talk, cultivate emotions, or experience passion without burning up phosphorus—it’s the candle of intelligence, the lamp that burns all the time, the oil that supplies soul-light. Burn it all up and we’re like idiots in the dark!

2) Body Function (Muscles, Bones and Tissue)— If the brain is very active, phosphorus goes to the brain; if the body is very active,

the brain is robbed. Where do you want your phosphorus to go? So, all in balance!

3) Regenerative Functions— If a man leads a wild life, he will burn up more phosphorus in his passions. For that reason, we should remember that it depends on our activities where this precious element will go.

How to get more phosphorus in your life? Exposure to sunlight increases phosphorus metabolism. So, take off the hat, let the sunlight in, and enjoy the great outdoors! Chlorophyll is known as liquid sunlight.

Good sources for phosphorus include: the homeopathic cell salts (cal-phos, mag-phos, ferrum-phos and natrum-phos), all sea vegetables, standing at the ocean to breathe in the elements from the salt air (including phosphorus), bee pollen, nuts and seeds (especially walnuts, almonds or pecans, and sesame or pumpkin seeds)—also raw egg yolks (especially from home-raised chickens).

The best vegetables for phosphorus are: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, the greens, and sprouts. Herbs, such as dandelions and yellow flowers, yerba santa, peppermint leaf, yellow dock, ginseng root, ginkgo and fennel, to name a few, all have phosphorus.

All yellow-golden gemstones and crystals, such as citrine and yellow jade, have phosphorus. Just like sun-tea, put good water and these gemstones in a glass jug and set it in the sunlight for sunlight-activated, gemstone tea! (In the cold winter months, put it in a sunny window.)

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Let your burdens be light!” Maybe now we can understand its fuller meaning. To learn more about this wondrous element, read Dr. Bernard Jenson’s book, The Chemistry of Man. He is a true pioneer in holistic health.

      Good Health to You, James!

              — Dr. Ma

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