Books & Teachings to Assimilate & Become!

Raymond Ziemkowski
Nov – Dec 2023 • Vol 4, No 7

Partnerships in the Age of Aquarius

Books and Teachings that Are Ushering in the Age of Aquarius—
Meant to Be Read and Reread, to Assimilate and Become!

In the Age of Aquarius, toxic and worn out hierarchical structures, which are based on authoritarian fear and control paradigms, will be replaced by partnerships. We see this in many new ways and teachings that have emerged in recent years and within our lifetimes.

Without question, hierarchical structures are part of the fabric of Creation. It is also without question that toxic, authoritarian, hierarchical structures are a part of our collective “human creation” and the collective mess that we have made of our planet!

Our understanding and attitudes about organizational structures are at the core of our transition to new possibilities in Aquarius. Central to this shift is the understanding that the spiritual sovereignty of the individual is the foundation upon which any collective can be truly successful. Our individual spiritual sovereignty must be acknowledged, understood, and championed within organizations, institutions and governments of our world.

Marshal Rosenberg’s books on Nonviolent Communication, move us from typically authoritarian communication modes into a heart-centered space of empathy and respect that honors each individual’s voice and needs. Mastering deep listening skills, learning how to make observations without judgment, how to communicate our feelings, and to make clear requests will transform our relationships, our communities, and the planet.

Conscious Language, The Logos of Now, by Robert Tennyson Stevens, teaches us the language of the adept. We learn how to speak, how to form out intentions and words: first-person-personal, conscious-creative and outcome-oriented. The “Word” is a creative force and our subconscious mind works overtime to create exactly what we speak! Mastering thirteen domains of speech that can self-sabotage positive outcomes, can transform our lives from lack and want into prosperity and abundance.

Personal ownership is at the core of our mastery and initiation on the spiritual path. Numerous books on Ho’oponopono, including The Book of Ho’oponopono, The Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness and Healing, by Bodin, Lamboy and Graciet, give us a framework to practice radical ownership and radical forgiveness, to transmute our karmic entanglements in the material world and forge our self-mastery.

David Spangler’s autobiographical book, Apprenticed to Spirit, shares valuable insights into new frontiers of partnerships and spirituality emerging today. His life story chronicles the emerging New Age in the 1960s and his participation in the early years of the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community and his partnership with Spirit throughout his adult life. His journey is our journey, as we champion a culture of blessing and honoring the God within each other and shed paradigms of labeling, judgement, justification and blame.

We are emerging from a period of extreme separation and duality on Earth. A collective and personal narcissism has eclipsed our experience and connectedness with our Source and the greater evolutionary emanations of life evolving both on our earth and throughout the greater creation of stars and planets of the cosmos.

Egocentric modes of interaction based on separation, fear, lack and competition serve the status quo of just that—separation, fear, lack and competition! Clearly our world requires a new model if we would truly create Heaven on Earth—as Above, so Below. Non-duality teachings challenge and dissolve every facet of human limitation and dysfunction that is born of any sense of separation.

Eckhart Tolle’s two epic books, Power of Now and A New Earth quicken our awareness to begin to discover the “observer within” and the “witnessing Presence” that is at the source of our Being.

Michael Singer’s trilogy of books, The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, and Living Untethered, teach us how to say “yes” to the present moment and embrace an accelerated spiritual growth, whatever life brings to our doorstep.

And if we choose to engage in a path of personal and planetary self-transcendence and service, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, and Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, by David Christopher Lewis, provide a comprehensive framework to engage in our spiritual adeptship.

Our individual and collective remembering of our origins is shifting the axis of our awareness from a personal, separate, egocentric axis to a new axis that is based on partnerships and felt connections with all life. Our remembering is opening the door to new opportunities of Aquarian Love and Freedom.

I believe these books complement the ongoing and emerging culture of ownership and mastery through our personal Christ/Buddha self. And I invite you to read or reread and study these books and teachings on your path of self-realization.

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