Into a Golden Crystal Age of Aquarian Love!

Raymond Ziemkowski
Mar – Apr 2024 • Vol 4, No 9

I would like to share a quick overview of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical archetypes of a Golden Crystal Age of Aquarian Love, and how we, as Initiates, are instrumental in realizing and championing the Age of Aquarius through accelerating light in our consciousness, being and worlds.

  1. Aquarian Love, held in the Etheric Quadrant, is at the heart of our blueprint within the Unity Field of Being.
  2. In the Mental Quadrant, Ministering servants and servant leaders, mentor and guide humanity.
  3. Unity and a cooperative Brother/Sisterhood permeates our planet and cultures in the Emotional Quadrant.
  4. In the Physical Quadrant, Self-reliance within com-munity creates shared abundance.

In order for humanity to move forward into an Age of Aquarian Love, we require a grounding and understanding of where we are, where we have been, and what we are moving into.

Since the Fall of Man out of Grace and into the illusion of separation from his God/Source, there has been a successive un-folding of the energy-veil (evil) within the maya/illusion of our 3-D world. Over time, each successive quadrant has further manifested the illusion of separation. Thus, the maya of human duality has become more and more concrete. Within this energy-veil, forces of evil actively step in to fill the void of this emptiness of separation in a bid to control mankind. The slippery slope goes something like this…

  1. Mankind accepts the illusion of separation from Source and forgets the God-Self within.
  2. Mankind gives his divine identity and sovereignty away and allows outside governmental or religious bureaucracies to govern him.
  3. A false and engineered culture of lack and competition creates separation and division amongst peoples and nations.
  4. Mankind is eventually herded into a slave state of limited resources, disempowerment and authoritarian control.

I in order to reclaim our individual and planetary sovereignty from fallen power structures that have enslaved mankind for ages, we now require a clear-eyed and mature understanding of what this energy-veil is, and we need to understand how its machinations have operated—in most cases, hidden and surreptitiously (behind the veil)—within our lives and worlds.

An important part of the vital “Great Awakening” or “Great Remembering” taking place in the world today is the clear perceiving and addressing of the darkness and evil that moves, point/counterpoint, within the field of duality, to oppose the Light!

As Initiates in greater numbers among mankind begin to step into Unity Consciousness and begin to stop energetically feeding the matrix and illusion of separation, the curtain is drawn away from those operating be-hind this energy-veil. Call them the “Deep State” or whatever you choose to call the forces that opposes the Light in this world of form.

In my thirty years of experience working with New Agers and the public in general, this point is a big stumbling block for many. They simply cannot accept, or even entertain the idea, that an active or intentional force of evil opposes the Light.

Many become passive and submissive to the tyranny of people, governments, or institutions that abuse their power and enslave them. Saying, “It’s all good,” or “They’re doing their best but the system is corrupt,” does not bring change to the equation of what is at this plane of experience. We have to ad-dress what is right in front of us in the physical, while also pursuing our spiritual practice to step out of duality consciousness and back into the Unified Field of Being!

It’s interesting how the psychology of our human predicament quickly unfolds as Mankind chose to experience life/creation outside of this Unity Field. It all begins with accepting the illusion of separation from Source/God which then results in fear:

  1. Fear creates want, lack and perceived limitation.
  2. Lack and limitation create dependency and acceptance on outside authorities over the sovereignty of Self.
  3. Competition over engineered,