From the Editor…

Tahini Dip & Holiday Halva • Marlenea La Shomb
5 Surprising Benefits of Tahini • GreenMedInfo
Partnerships in the Aquarian Age • Raymond Ziemkowski
Holidays of Gratitude & Love • Michele Lewis, CFSP
(Originally in Nov-Dec 2020 Issue)
8 Steps to Reduce Depression • Bethel Wagner
Awakening Abundance in Your Life • Maria Low
Turbo Oxygen—Body Conditioning/Self-Healing • Denis Ouellette
Healing Through the Medicine Buddha • Kathleen Karlsen
Important News on Topics Vital to Your Health • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Unlock the Secrets of Bee Propolis • Crystal Maceira
Addressing Frozen Shoulder: Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless
Natural Joint Repair w/o Pain Pills or Surgery! • Ken Mueller
Gut & Colon Health • Marlenea La Shomb, N.D., P.Tr.
Are You Ready to Talk with Animals? • Kim Shotola
(Originally in Nov-Dec 2018 Issue)
To Savor That Which Is Sacred • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
C-60—Powerful Anti-Aging Molecule • Denis Ouellette
Inter-Personal Gratitude • Arnie Shapiro, M.D.
Cold Weather and Solar Power • Jim Hilger, abc So