WELLNESS: It’s Never Too Late

Kim Shotola
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

Start the New Year off right with your animals on a body, mind, and spirit level. First, be more physically and mentally active together:

  • Don’t just do a ‘sidewalk’ walk or walk from point A to point B. Go where you can close your eyes and just listen. Feel texture of bark and tree needles. Feel the caressing breeze on your face. Sit down on a bench with your animal. Smell the aroma of the evergreens and other scents. Hear the muffled silence in snow, the gentle sound of a stream, or birds chirping.
  • Utilize various scents. Place drops of essential oils or sprinkles of herbs in various places. For example, take peppermint oil or mint leaves and place it be-hind a bush. You could put lavender oil or fresh lavender under a tree. Spread the scents out over a nice walking radius. Embrace the aromas as you apply them. Aim for 3–7 scents and when you are ready, enjoy your time together as your animal goes on a guided sniffing exploration.
  • Try a new activity or a new twist on an old one that makes each of you think. Would your animal be interested in going somewhere new like the beach or a road trip?

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