Ed Nordby’s Testimonial

Ed Nordby
September – October 2022 • Vol 3, No 123

My name is Ed Nordby, and I am a construction and building inspector here in the Gallatin Valley. My wife, Jean, and I have lived in Bozeman since 2007; I have 3 lovely daughters and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy keeping active outdoors, and my favorite pastimes include hunting and downhill skiing.

My work requires me to be moving around all day. It is common for me to walk several miles a day, in addition to climbing, crouching and even crawling through small spaces. I began working at the age of 10, and I just turned 78 this year.

Several years ago, I was involved in a plane crash. We were flying in a small airplane at 70 air miles per hour when we plowed into the side of a mountain and totaled the airplane. We hit a big stump that knocked a wing off the plane and caused it to flip. I suffered severe whiplash in my neck from the steering column and in my back from the impact that literally split the seat open. Thankfully I was able to crawl out of the windshield and get to safety, but the accident left me with residual pain.

In 2010, a horse bucked me off, breaking my pelvis and dislodging my leg. I had surgery to put my pelvis back together and still have
eight screws in there. Although I was eventually able to walk again, I was left with a persistent leg issue where it would get tingly and start to hurt after a little while of just standing or walking.

About four years ago, I slipped on the ice while carrying a metal coffee cup under my arm. The impact caused great damage; it tore up my shoulder and dislodged it out of place. This shoulder injury was so bad that it not only continued to hurt, but it severely limited my mobility and use of my arm. I couldn’t even reach out of my car window to put a letter in the mailbox. The doctors told me I needed
surgery, but being the avid hunter I am, I did not want the downtime of a surgery, so I lived with the pain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t
archery hunt, as I was unable to hold or pull my bow anymore.

At this point, all of the injuries had really stacked up and taken a toll on my body’s abilities. I could no longer carry a child in my arms for very long or pack an elk out very well—two of the most important things in life to me!

I have been quite thankful for my high pain tolerance, which is the only way I had been able to persevere in spite of the adverse occurrences in my life. I put off surgery for a couple of years and lived in misery with my damaged shoulder.

Then, at the start of 2021, I visited the Joint Repair Clinic of MT. In my consultation with Dr. Spence, he reviewed my x-rays and recognized areas where the Human Umbilical Cord Tissue allograft injections (HUCT) and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) could provide a benefit to me. Dr. Spence was the only doctor to recognize the opportunity for me to get help without the need for surgery.

I decided to try injections in my leg, neck, back and shoulder—all of the areas that I had experienced trauma and that continued to cause pain and limitations to me. It wasn’t much longer than a month after the injections that I was feeling the results, which seemed quite fast for a natural process to occur. The friendly staff at the Joint Repair Clinic helped coach me through nutrition and exercises, which helped make the most of the treatments I received. I believe the injections continue to work to improve my body.

Today I can once again enjoy archery season like I used to! I am able to lift my arm and lift my bow! Now I can pull my bow back—60 pounds—hold it and bring it down, which used to be impossible! And my shoulder doesn’t constantly pop like it used to!

My back used to be a mess