Mary Cremean’s Testimonial

Mary Cremean
March – April 2022 • Vol 3, No 120

My name is Mary Cremean, and I have lived in beautiful Bozeman for 5 years, where I have enjoyed hiking, biking and walking the wonderful trails in the area. Unfortunately, in late 2020, my right hip started bothering me to the point where I could only walk about 1/10th of a mile before I had to turn around, in tears, because my hip was hurting me so badly. I was 54 years old at the time, but felt like an octogenarian, especially after sitting for extended periods of time at my desk job.

My husband Steve had been researching different options for his joint problems, with an interest in umbilical-cord tissue. After attending a Joint Repair Clinic of Montana presentation, he scheduled an appointment to see if he would be a good candidate for their program. I was a bit skeptical of the human umbilical-cord tissue (HUCT) allograft injection, so I decided to tag along to see what this was all about. After meeting with Dr. Spence and his team, I was convinced this treatment would be beneficial for both me and my husband. We both wanted a natural, healthy alternative to surgery. We decided that the timing would be better for me to go first.

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