Michael Howard’s Testimonial

Michael Howard
Nov – Dec 2021 • Vol 3, No 118

My name is Michael Howard, and I am the owner of the local business Reliable Drywall. Throughout my life I have enjoyed many outdoor activities such as snowboarding, running, wakeboarding, surfing, and hiking. I have always been an active person.

Twenty years ago, I had some sheetrock fall on my knee and eventually I had to have ACL repair surgery. The surgery did not go well at all. My knee was just not getting better, and when the doctors realized I had gotten a staph infection, they had to open it back up and clean it out. They eventually had to install a pic line to get rid of the infection. Needless to say, this was a miserable experience.

About five years ago, I started having issues with my back. Then two years ago I was in a motorcycle accident in which I dislocated my shoulder. At this point, I was suffering tremendously with all of the different ongoing pains. Unfortunately, I could never get better from any of these injuries, and the residual pain from them became a constant factor in my life.

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