Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA, C.Ped.
July – August 2024 • Vol 4, No 11

All myofascial release work is the same, right? Is this true? Joni Edmunds, DPT, explains it well: “The myriad of classes offered to therapists, all under the name of ‘myofascial release,’ is the equivalent of comparing apples to oranges!”

A search for the source of modern-day Myofascial Release leads us straight to John F. Barnes, PT, LMT. Finding Barnes’ approach may take a bit of sifting through other styles and versions of this therapy, but it pays off. We discover that genuine Myofascial Release, as taught by Barnes since the 1970s, incorporates three major myofascial techniques, all working in conjunction with each other:

  • Structural Release— “Waiting for the Melt”
  • Rebounding— “Waves of Release”
  • Unwinding— “Untangling Knots”

Understanding each component will help you to know if you are getting genuine Myofascial Release. Whether you are seeking treatment or are thinking about attending a seminar, it is important to understand these terms.

In Barnes’ own words: “Everything we learned was too quick! Manipulation, mobilization, muscle energy techniques and exercise are ‘in and out’ of the system too quickly. All forms of massage are gliding over or trying to force through the soft tissue and don’t stop at the barriers. Hence, only 20% of the fascial system is affected, producing merely short-term results…

“Sustained pressure of 90–120 seconds is needed to even begin to engage the collagenous barrier. The other techniques and approaches don’t hold pressure anywhere close to this time. It then takes another 3–5 minutes for an in-depth release to occur for more permanent results. After around five minutes, we begin to observe a number of unique phenomena that are absolutely essential for lasting results. This is because Myofascial Release profoundly reaches the other 80% of the tissue that is not affected by other forms of therapy. Therefore, Myofascial Release influences 100% of the cause and effect relationship…

“With my MFR approach, piezoelectricity, mechano-transduction, phase transition, and eventually resonance all begin to occur. No other approach addresses or elicits these phenomena!”

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