It Could Mean that Your Pelvis is Out of Alignment!

Mary Loveless
January – February 2023 • Vol 4, No 2

Some people complain of digestive problems, constipation, cystitis, tilted uterus, pelvic pain, hip pain, reflux, trouble breathing, urinary incontinence, or sacroiliac pain. Just imagine your belly as a bowl, holding all your vital organs. It is suspended by fascia. When things are suspended, the viscera can get injured and start constricting or twisting and applying undue stress to your organs—not to mention twisting the pelvis and causing one leg to appear longer.

If your pelvis becomes out of alignment, it starts to involve the lower back, then your thoracic, then your shoulders. Before you know it, your neck starts to hurt, then your jaw… sooner or later you may start suffering from migraines. Not everybody comes in with the same complaints.

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