Essential Oils to the Rescue!

Maria Low
September – October 2021 • Vol 3, No 117

Midnight was approaching when I took Jhana, my Field Labrador, out for a walk. We wanted to get a little fresh air and exercise before settling down for the night. We walked two blocks to a nearby playground. At the end of the park area was a road. Nearby, there was a bleary streetlight piercing the darkness with a pale-yellow light.

Jhana was close by when a dog smaller than my 95-pound lab bolted from nowhere out of the black of night to attack my dog! Jhana turned towards the dog to be friendly, but in a second, he threw my dog to the ground and put his teeth into his shoulder. My dog screamed, as the dog continued to lock his teeth into Jhana’s flesh.

The owner of the dog ran out and yelled at his dog to no avail. Finally, he pulled on his dog and took him to the ground. He laid spread-eagle on him to stop his ferociousness. During this time, I was doing my best to not get between the two dogs. Everything happened so quickly, I could not get close to do anything.

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