Syrian Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Dip & Spread

Janice Feuer-Haugen
November – December 2022 • Vol 4, No 1

Richly colored, crunchy textured, and bursting with flavor, Muhammara helps celebrate the holidays deliciously. Originating in Syria, Muhammara is undeniably a standout, whether on its own, as a dip for crudités or pita, or slathered on a sandwich. Deep-red Muhammara, which is Arabic for “reddened,” is a most healthy and delicious alternative to hummus—everyone’s previously favorite dip!

Based on an online search, I learned to pronounce this Syrian specialty as mu-ham-ma-ra. Although, you might prefer one of these other possibilities: mu-HUMM-a-ra, moo-hahm-MRAH, or mooah-MARA. 😁

Despite the number of pronunciations and recipes, the ingredients are mostly the same, though perhaps treated differently. The givens include red peppers (roasted or not), walnuts (toasted or not), pomegranate molasses, and Aleppo red pepper flakes. The variations include differing spices and quantities, as well as differing textures from coarsely chopped to smoothly puréed. Thus, it took a bit of research, tasting and refining to create today’s Muhammara recipe.

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