Near Downtown Livingston, MT

David Christopher Lewis
November – December 2021 • Vol 3, No 118

It is surely an interesting time to be alive and to experience the changes that are occurring across our planet! Even with government mandates initiated on a massive scale to limit our personal health choices—seemingly for the common welfare of all citizens—more information is available than ever before to awaken us to new possibilities for our optimal spiritual, as well as physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The greater the governmental, medical, or media establishment’s measures to control our options, the greater the push-back from concerned and enlightened citizens, who have often been on the forefront of offering new, nature-based wellness modalities that utilize Mother Earth’s inherent wisdom.

With a team of Aquarian visionaries, I opened The Alchemy Exchange store in Livingston, Montana in 2013. We offer numerous wellness products, many of which are infused with frequencies that are beneficial to our inner and outer health and wholeness. I’d like to highlight a few of these products that my wife and I personally use in our home or that others who I know have felt tangible benefits when using them. For the holidays, you may want to “gift yourself” or a loved one with something from our store that resonates with you.

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