and Space Archaeology in Our Backyard!

Raymond Ziemkowski
July – August 2023 • Vol 4, No 5

Did you know that right here in Western Montana is a world-class, archeological site with evidence of tens and hundreds of thousands of years of history of our planet? That right here in our backyard, there is a “Jurassic Park” of artifacts of past civilizations that rival the Pyramids of Giza and Bosnia, Machu Pichu… and even Stonehenge.

In the summer of 2012, Julie Ryder from Helena, Montana discovered near Boulder, Montana what she named “Boulder Dolmen.” This began a quest that revealed towering dolmens, ancient statues, polygonal block granite walls, pyramid complexes, and stacked, circular terraces rising above forest floors. In February of 2015, Julie and her husband, Bill, discovered a larger archeological site that she named “Giants Playground.”

After ten-plus years of additional discovery and research, over 100 sites have been found, mostly within 60 miles of Helena and the Missouri Headwaters. Many are documented on her website. Go to to investigate for yourself. These have become what she collectively calls the “Montana Megaliths.” They include gigantic dolmens and crafted rock structures, geoscaping of mountain terrain and what is speculated to be artifacts of Flash Fossilization processes. Many interesting correspondences to other archeological sites around our globe and off-planet alignments will boggle your imagination.

What is equally fascinating and amazing in this discovery and story is the unfolding role of what is becoming known as Space Archeology—not looking outward into space but from space looking back toward Earth. Little known satellite-based technologies allow us to look miles into the Earth from space and see things that some interests and institutions would rather the public not know about.
From Google Earth to satellite imaging and numerous new ground-penetrating radar technologies, archeological researchers are making discoveries that are fast outpacing many traditional beliefs and assumptions that secular, political and religious power structures have held about our planet’s history and human evolution on Earth.

In 2017, Julie Ryder began to collaborate with Andrew Barker, a researcher in the field of dolmens, to begin to uncover the hidden and underground dimension of Giants Play-ground and the Montana Megaliths. Using satellite based geoscan technology, which allows us to determine what stars and planets light years away are made of, we have the capability to see miles into the Earth and map structures and artifacts that have man-made origins thousands of years ago.

She has also invited numerous experts from around the world to Montana that have discovered and investigated similar discoveries to further validate and document these sites. These include Dr. Semir Osmanagich (Dr. Sam), who discovered and investigated the Bosnian Pyramid complex. Also, a Tibetan Rinpoche and representatives of numerous indigenous peoples and prophecy traditions have visited and investigated these sites.

Julie Ryder and these investigators are asking the who, what, when, why, and how behind these megalithic sites, particularly to explain the story behind giant granite boulders often weighing over 100 tons, crafted and placed vertically, 90 degrees from the horizontal, sedimentary positions in which they were formed over time. These artifacts of Earth’s ancient past cannot be ignored, dismissed and explained away as not real.

It will take years and decades for “official” institutions to validate, catch up, and integrate these discoveries into official history and understanding. But you can visit, see, feel, and interpret for yourselves today—right here in Montana, the tip of this revolutionary iceberg just being revealed.

And if you think that nature and natural processes placed these rocks and created these sites all by herself, that’s okay, too. They are still worth the investigation. The hike and fresh Montana air, and the thrill of discovery will be worth the trek. Or at least check out a YouTube video from Julie’s website and have a virtual journey into some amazing artifacts from Earth’s ancient history: Search YouTube for: “Dr. Sam and Julie Ryder at Giants Playground in the Montana Megaliths,” or use this link:

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