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Christopher Rudy, Meta-Physician
July – August 2024 • Vol 4, No 11

Amidst the rapid-fire revelations of the Great Awakening, a new enlightenment is emerging with emphasis on ‘memes’ as meaningful food for thought for the truly thoughtful. Customize your own multi-media “meme show.”

If you want to go on vacation—a fun trip between your ears—scan through this article and note the hyperlinks to subjects you may find worthy of your attention… one click away.

Memes are those thought forms, sound bites, frames of reference, conceptualizations, etc., that represent a lot of truth in form, frequency and/or a few prescient words. They provide conceptual clarity—relief from the information overload and cognitive dissonance in Big Media. For example, you have the general enlightenment memes about spirituality that ring true with multi-dimensional quantum reality.

The quantum life upgrades when fiery prayer as pure intention focuses attention with LOVE retention for conscious ascension in the 5th dimension via full-spectrum capstone COMPREHENSION.

Most of these memes come from my Substack Newsletter—Aquarian Quickening—a revelations rEVOLUTION emphasizing 90% of the word. I curate many different Truther newsletters each week to find some exceptional memes. A recent example with numerous memes is the compendium at: Fearless Faith Overcomes Faithless Fear.

The Big-Picture Meme: Think Galactic—Dance Local

If you understand and appreciate the quantum field energy dynamics of our solar system as it cycles above and below the Galactic Plane of our Milky Way Galaxy—The 25,920 year Precession of the Equinoxes—then you can understand how the deep space energies of Aquarius are now matriculating the matrix of social conscience in our local and global social network communities.

From Great Awakening to Great Enlightenment Quantum Shift
to Aquarian Light and

The Aquarian energies of Universal Light Language and the Cosmic L.O.V.E. Law are indeed surging in the collective conscience of humanity. This was preordained for the Aquarian cycle—the Aquarian Quantum Age—because our perceptual ‘veil’ (sense of separation from 5D), is thinning.

Unified Field Coherence with Effective Sensory Perception is maturing with a New Common Sense as social conscience; Web 3.0 Cyberethics; wisdom of the crowd; unity-in-diversity; all for atONEment.

Full-blown REVELATIONS are going mainstream!

As the full implications of the Quantum Age ar