Creating a Sound Mind & Body

Leila Ji Zemke
July – August 2023 • Vol 4, No 5

Meditation. Does the word sound intriguing to you? We hear about it often these days. For me it was initially a mystery, vague, a wondering, and inaccessible. I felt it was for someone more “spiritual” than me. Have you felt this way also?

What does it mean? From Latin—it means “to align with your Inner Center,” and its purpose is to “Connect with Source of Love in our heart.” This is known both in the Eastern, as well as Western philosophies for many centuries.

Still, what does it mean for an individual? Why do it? What are we really seeking? Is it Peace, Happiness, Love, or the Divine? Across the various meditation types around the world, there for four main practices, depending on what you are seeking:

  • Focused Awareness—where one can focus on one part of the body.
  • Open Awareness—where one just allows thoughts to come and go.
  • Loving Kindness—where one practices positive emotions.
  • Mantra or Vibrational Sound Chanting—where one chants vibrational sounds to connect with universal energies.

We are looking to experience these positive emotions and bring them into our daily lives, right? And not only that, but to have those experiences and positivity and peace be a foundation for us in times of challenges. The universal experience is to feel an emotion of Love within us and around us.

Introducing Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan, a guided meditation specifically for these current times devised by Divine Friend Maitreya Dadashreeji. This meditation combines all four of the above practices. More specifically, this practice uses: Breath Watch to help align with the current moment and calm the restless mind, followed by Mantra Chanting of “Aum,” a universal vibrational sound that lifts your body energy towards positivity, as well as cleanses your being. Next, we are invited to Focus on our Third-Eye Center in the center of our eyebrows, during which we connect with our Higher, sacred self.

We conclude with Positive Affirmations and Gratitude. These steps connect us with our heart and our own form of the Inner Divine. Just like exercise, daily meditation has accumulative benefits for creating a sound body and mind.

My friend Dr. Cecilia Fernandes says this: “Whatever may be your understanding of the Divine, it remains incomplete without the experience of Love. This meditation gets me there.”

Amidst the chaos, loneliness and turmoil that surrounds us, we are all genuinely seeking to Love and to be Loved. You will experience this in the reflective and simple practice of Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan. This guided meditation is open to all, and it is not affiliated with any religion or sect. It is a simple act of Love.

You are invited to join this meditation, held online. It’s free to all. Check out the current dates and times, and join us via Zoom at:

Benefits of Practicing Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan:

  • Helps awaken and strengthen the bond with your inner power center
  • Energizes your entire being and helps align with the universal consciousness
  • Helps cleanse your body, mind and soul
  • Enhances and supports mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Increases awareness and strengthens intuition
  • Improves concentration, focus and foresight
  • Calms the mind and aids in better decision-making
  • Helps you move forward in your personal trans-formation journey