From the Editor…

Recipes — Country–Style Whole–Grain Mustard • Janice Feuer–Haugen
Manly Men: Testosterone — Misunderstood
& Underappreciated! • Jacobus Hollewijn

Expanding Beyond Our Boxes • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Crystals: The iPad of the Energy World • Cheryl Barry
Phony Food Anyone? • Christine Foskett, DC
The Mouth–Body Connection–Part 3:
Gum Disease and Cancer • Drs. Todd & Amy Kinney, DDS

Stretching Improves Circulation?… YOU BET! • Olav Nordemann
The Myofascial Release Approach for Pain
& Poor Functioning • Terry Kennedy, MPT
Balsam Fir–A Midwinter Boost! A Frigid Harvest
Yields Health–Enhancing Oils • Maria Low
“I Did What They Told Me I Shouldn’t Do”—
Interview with a Cancer Survivor • Trudy Samuelson

How Does It Get Any Better Than That: • Jacque Chapman
Spring Has Sprung… Or Not, in the Case of “SAD” • Marlenea La Shomb
THE WORK of Byron Katie: For the End of Suffering • Anne Haug
Starting Your Natural Health Journey • Sharli Kiner
And How Are the Children? • Dr. Patrick T. O’Neill
Exploring Alternative Medicine in Montana • Robert Personette
“Your Life” for Dummies • Ayesha Ashley, M.A.
Say NO to RO!–Reversing Our Opinion on
Reverse Osmosis • Arlene Hoag & Paul MacDowell

Ayurvedic Self–Massage: Simple, Luxurious & Healing • Heidi Chapnick, D.C.
The 3 Sisters of the Tao • Michele Lewis
Qigong Master Returns to Montana • Michele Lewis
Montana YewTips™–Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia)–
Frequently Asked Questions • Rus Willis

THETA HEALING® • Kay Linda Walker
Equestrian Synergy™: Connecting thru Body–Mind Awareness • Carol Nichols
Finding Eternity in an “Instant” World • Bear McKay & Vicki Wiepking