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July–August 2018 • Vol 3, No 99

From the Editor…

Recipe: Lavender Honey Almond Shortbread • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Choosing to Be • Barbara Woodbury
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms—USA…
WWOOF! • Marlenea La Shomb, ND

Tribute to Gary Young • Maria Low
Amazing Animal Massage • Kim Shotola
All Things Are Possible—Even Instant Healing • Dawna Campbell
The Elimination Diet—Is it Right for You? • Lisa Souba
Why Hydration Is Key: Introducing the i-H20 Activation System • Dawna Campbell
Heal Your Problems with Violet Fire • Bozeman Spiritual Seekers
The Importance of Maintaining an Alkaline Body • Amanda Kimmel &
Your Body’s pH: What It Is & Why It Matters • Marlenea La Shomb, ND

The New Earth • Tara Maier
Remote Tarot—Does It Work? • Vanessa Sanddal
EFT—Relief Is Just a Few Taps Away! • CJ Puotinen
Hue-Mans and our World of Color • Karry L.
DHEA: Its Hypes & Hopes • Dr. Michael Lang, ND
Herbal Detoxification: The Body’s Power to Heal Itself • Elaine Rylin
Cosmic LOVE Show Coming to an End • Christopher Rudy
Herbs: The Root of Medicine • Crystal Maceira
Reflections from Jesus—Building the New World • Virginia Ellen
Myofascial Release for Decompression • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

May–June 2018 • Vol 3, No 98

From the Editor…

Salmon Cakes w/ Quinoa & Vegetables • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Life’s Moments • Barbara Woodbury
I Need More Me Time! • Tristan Sophia, Psy.D.
Manganese: “Nurturing” Element • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Mysterious. Precious. Extraordinary. • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Our Amazing LYMPH System • Maria Low
Crystal Therapy for Animals • Kim Shotola
Are You Too Late for Cryptocurrency? • Robin Blanc Mascari
All-Purpose Compost Enzyme • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Create Your Reality with ThetaHealing® • Dawna Campbell
Colon Cleansing’s Top 10 Benefits • Georgia Cold-Noble
Heal Your Problems w/ Violet Fire • Bozeman Spiritual Seekers
Integrative Medicine: New Paradigm for Wellness • CJ Puotinen
Walnut Tacos Recipe • Amanda Kimmel
Treating Hypothyroid Symptoms • Michael Lang, ND
Medical Marijuana Updates • &
The Healing Power of Kirtan and Mantras • Kathleen Karlsen
Our “Inner” and “Outer” Landscapes • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Service to All • Tara Maier
Welcome to the World of Tarot • CJ Puotinen
Ascend to Realms of Unconditional Love • Virginia Ellen
Understanding Bowenwork • Crystal Maceira
WIFI & Its Impact on Health • Teri Balaska, RN
“A Headache in the Pelvis” — Solved! • Mary Loveless

March–April 2018 • Vol 3, No 97

From the Editor…

Triple-Berry Chia Pudding • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Time for Change • Barbara Woodbury
The Feng Shui of A Spring Purge! • Michele Lewis, CFSP
How to Silence Your Inner Critic • Tristan Sophia, Psy.D.
How to Care for Your Liver and Gallbladder • Maria Low
The Heart & Community of Cryptocurrency • Robin Blanc Mascari
Tuning Your Bio-Waves • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Jumpstart Weight Loss with Colon Therapy • Georgia Cold
The Importance of Working on Yourself • Rebecca McNeil
From Prozac to Parkland: Are Psychiatric Drugs
Causing Mass Shootings? • Selwyn Duke

Rediscovering an Ancient Way to Prevent Illness • CopperZap, LLC
Reiki: What, How & Why? • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Animals Have Messages for You! • Kim Shotola
The Hows & Whys of Germination • Amanda Kimmel
Alzheimer’s: Prevention Is the Only Option • Michael Lang
Everyday Herbal Delivery Systems • Marlenea La Shomb
Heal Your Problems with Violet Fire • Bozeman Spiritual Seekers
E.E.C.P. for Improved Heart Health • CJ Puotinen
Miracle Superfood: Power from the Flower • Christopher Rudy
The Healing Crisis: The Dark Before Dawn • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
Studying the Eye: Can Iridology Help Me? • Crystal Maciera, LMT, MH
A Holistic Approach to Living • Deborah Lee

January–February 2018 • Vol 3, No 96

From the Editor…

Vegetarian Green & Yellow Split Pea Soup • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Love is the Key in 2018 • Chantal Hale, LMT, MFRT
Deeply Grateful! • Barbara Woodbury
D3: The Sunshine Vitamin • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Silicon: Strengthening, Magnetic Element • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Essential Oils for Happy Babies and Children • Maria Low
Healing Your Animals with Energy Work • Kim Shotola
What’s a Life Coach, Anyway? • Tristan Sophia, Psy.D.
Introducing InLight™ Therapy • CJ Puotinen
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency • Robin Blanc Mascari
Winter and the Water Element • Valerie Schwankl
Upgrade Your Immune System with SPX • Christopher Rudy
Hazardous Cancer-Causing Foods! • Georgia Cold
Sprouting—Winter’s Indoor Garden • Marlenea La Shomb, ND
Natural Element Kills Germs, Prevents Illness • CopperZap LLC
Importance of Liver Cleansing • Amanda Kimmel
Releasing Emotional Trauma • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Sclerology: Complement to Iridology • Crystal Maceira, LMT, MH
2018: Chinese Year of the Earth Dog • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Age Related Hormone Decline • Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT
Measure Your Three Treasures • Deborah Lee
Myofascial Release for Balancing Your Hips • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

November–December 2017 • Vol 3, No 95

From the Editor…

Recipe: Sugar Plums: Everything Delectable • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Opening our Minds & Hearts! • Barbara Woodbury
Co-Creating with the Wisdom of the Planets • Kristine Backes, MA
Ancient Wisdom for Planting Seeds • Marlenea La Shomb
Stress & Gut Health • Amanda Kimmel
It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas! • Maria Low
The Heart & Soul of Animal Communication • Kim Shotola
Why Small Miracles Matter • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
You’re Made for More • Tera Wombolt
Sweet from the Inside Out • Georgia Cold
Chakra & Crystal Work • Sara Gibbs, NCMT
Facial Rejuvenation: Microcurrent & Color Light Therapy  • Deborah Lee
Keeping Your Brain Active—Squared! • Marlenea La Shomb
Thyroid: The Hormone Symphony Conductor • Michael Lang, ND
What Is Iridology? • Crystal Maceira, LMT, MH
SomatoEmotional Release® How It Works • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Incorporating Smell with Hypnotherapy • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
The Feng Shui of Thanksgiving • Michele Lewis, CFSP
UltraMedics: Prevention and Holistic Care • Christopher Rudy
Iodine: You Aren’t Getting Enough • Toby McAdam
Myofascial Release • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA

September–October 2017 • Vol 3, No 94

From the Editor…

Green Tomato Chutney w/ Apples, Raisins & Ginger • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Forgiveness & Surrender • Barbara Woodbury
Natural Beauty with Essential Oil Makeup • Maria Low
The Time is Now to Eradicate Heart Disease & Strokes • Marlenea La Shomb
Veterans’ PTSD—New Role for Emotional Freedom Techniques • CJ Puotinen
Blossoming with the Code in Your Fingertips • Shyralee Mitchell
Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose • Michael Fraser & Robin Wilson
Clearing Out Summer’s Heat for Winter’s Health • Kristine Backes, MA
Scientists Rediscover an Ancient Way to Prevent Illness • CopperZap LLC
Toxic Chemicals Found in Newborn Babies! • Georgia Cold
Estrogen: Queen of Hormones • Michael Lang, ND
Dowsing Today: Directing Nature’s Abundance • Mary Clement, Ph.D.
Know Thyself through Thy Face! • Deborah Lee
Unwinding & Rebounding Intro to Myofascial Release • Chantal Hale
The Feng Shui of—Fall’s Sights, Sounds & Scents • Michele Lewis, CFSP
Easy Self-Compassion When Life Becomes Difficult • Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
SomatoEmotional Release® Releasing Energy Cysts • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Is Hypnosis for the Weak Minded? • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Healing Made Fast, Simple, Non-Invasive & Pain-Free • Tamera Rackham
What is Colon Hydrotherapy and How Does It Work? • Amanda Kimmel
Authentic Pain Relief: Self-Help Myofascial Stretching • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
Autumn Wild Edibles & Berries • Marlenea La Shomb

July–August 2017 • Vol 3, No 93

From the Editor…

Summer Squash Ribbons with Pesto • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Call to Heal! • Barbara Woodbury
Limitations & Liabilities of our Value Judgments • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Bright Line Eating—The Game Changer • Marlenea La Shomb
Copaiba Essential Oil for Animals & Pets • Maria Low
Low-Back Pain • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Summer & the Fire Element • Valerie Schwankl
A Friend Indeed! GoFundMe Campaign for Cheryl Laures • Nancy Hufnagel
CranioSacral Therapy What It Is… How It Works… • James V. Fix, RM, CST
ESSIAC TEA: Powerful Self-Healing Herbs • Elaine Rylin
The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women • Michael Lang, ND
Harmonizing with the Rhythms of the Cosmos  • Kristine Backes, MA
Cut Flowers & Live Plants • Michele Lewis
Brainspotting: What’s in the Body Is in the Brain (and vice versa) • Rebecca McNeil
Managing Empathy with Metaphysical Practice • Raven Digitalis
Finding a Good Pilates Trainer • CJ Puotinen for Melinda Leas
The Importance of Colon Cleansing • Georgia Cold
Beginning to Heal from Depression • Nancy Hufnagel
Acts of Kindness Have Astonishing Health Benefits • Scott Mautz
Better than Coffee The Buzz w/o the Bad • Christopher Rudy
Enjoy Your Herbs! • Marlenea La Shomb
Your Face Tells the Truth! • Deborah Lee
“Free at Last!” with MRT • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
Keeping Kids Healthy This Summer • CJ Puotinen

May–June 2017 • Vol 3, No 92

From the Editor…

Garlic Scape Pesto w/ Parsley, Walnuts & Pecorino • Janice Feuer-Haugen
2-Minute Miracle Gel™ • Venice Coates
Ask Connie—The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Energy Healers & Mineral Helpers • Barbara Woodbury
Phosphorus: “The Light Bearer” • Marlenea La Shomb
Discover Einkorn—an Ancient Grain • Maria Low
Doctor, My Knee Is Killing Me! • Rick Bittner, DC
Ode to Massage—Lessons from a Lifetime of Body Tune-Ups • Denis Ouellette
A Musical Journey through Latin America • Patricia Mills
CranioSacral Therapy for Children • James V. Fix, RM, CST
Depression—#1 Cause of Illness & Disability Worldwide • Dr. Joseph Mercola
Juice Cleansing for Energy & Weight Loss • Georgia Cold
The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy • Michael Lang, ND
Happiness Is to Be… Pain Free!—Radon Therapy • Leah Compton
Are You Manifesting Your Beauty from the Inside Out? • Deborah Lee
The Science of Hypnotism • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Your Garden Is a Goldmine of ENZYMES! • Marlenea La Shomb
Runners & Joggers • Mary Loveless, LMT, PTA
Why Is My Dog Behaving Like This—Bella’s Story • Karen Nowak

March–April 2017 • Vol 3, No 91

From the Editor…

Recipes—Creamy Lima Beans & Greens Soup • Janice Feuer-Hauge
Power Dialogues: from Reacting to Responding • Rebecca J. McNei
The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show • Barbara Woodbury
Missing Square in the Quilt—Missing Piece of the Soul • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D
Winning the Bed-Bug Battle with Essential Oils • Maria Low
Acupressure Tapping: A Universal Healing Tool • CJ Puotinen
The Feng Shui of the Energy of Spring • Michelle Lewis
Letting Go of Your Belief System • Chantal Hale, LMT, MFRPb
A Proactive Approach to Health • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Pilates for Muffin Tops! • Melinda Leas
Benefits of Ozone Therapy • Georgia Cold
Nine Signs of Ascending Times • Christopher Rudy
3 Dynamic Treatments for Face & Body Rejuvenation • Deborah Lee
Past-Life Regression? • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Weathering Seasonal Changes w/ Chinese Medicine • Valerie Schwankl
A Holistic Approach to your Animal’s Health Care • Karen Nowak
Medical Doctors Join Dynamic Health Technologies • Carol Wilcock, RN
Barron Trump—An Astrological Look at the President’s Son • Jean Hart
Practical, Self-Help Iridology • Marlenea La Shomb
Myofascial Release Techniques: “Feel to Heal!” • Mary Loveless
Spring Bare-Root Planting • Marlenea La Shomb

January–February 2017 • Vol 3, No 90

From the Editor…

Recipes—Moroccan Cinnamon Oranges • Janice Feuer-Haugen
A Journey to Authentic Living • Barbara Woodbury
Reconnecting with Your Spirit • Rebecca J. McNeil
Out with the Old—In with the New! • Marlenea La Shomb
Enjoying Cinnamon Oil throughout the Year • Maria Low
Colon Health & Cleansing • Amanda Kimmel
The Feng Shui of 2017…Year of the Fire Rooster! • Michele Lewis
Diatomaceous Earth for Your Animal’s Worming Routine • Connie Huft
Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy • Rick Bittner, D.C.
Beekeeping—The Natural Way • Marlenea La Shomb
Transcending the Divide • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Seven Characteristics of Mass Ascension • Christopher L. Rudy
Aromatherapy for Winter Transformations • Deborah Lee
New Year’s Resolutions?! • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
Toxic Beauty?! • Georgia Cold-Noble
How Trauma Can Affect Health &
Define Who We & Our Animals Are • Karen Nowak
Create a Life-Story Video • Dennis Davis
A Look at Melania Trump’s Birth Chart • Jean Hart, Astrologer
Transcend Stress • Eva Vincent
A Headache in the Pelvis • Mary Loveless
Bridging the Gap Between Mental & Physical • Marlenea La Shomb
What’s a Breathwork Seminar? • Denis Ouellette
2017—A Year of Fortune! • Florence Guest

November–December 2016 • Vol 3, No 89

From the Editor…

Recipe—Balsamic Glazed Roasted Beet Salad • Janice Feuer-Haugen
The Importance of Your Garden Soil • Marlenea La Shomb
Spiritual Support from the Wild Ones • Catherine Nelson, Ph.D.
Gnomes—A True-Life Rescue Story • Barbara Michael-Grover
Indigo Biofeedback • CJ Puotinen for Diana Pearson
You’re Made for More… • Tera Wombolt
The Miracle Mineral You Aren’t Getting Enough Of • UndergroundHealthReporter
And IODINE—The Rest of the Story • Marlenea La Shomb
Emerging Blueprint for the Golden Age • Christopher L. Rudy
ROCKS—Why Do We Care About Them? • Barbara Woodbury
Circuit Training with the PILATES System • CJ Puotinen for Melinda Leas
What If We Could Change the World?—ACCUNECT® • Dr. Don Pilipovich
Top 10 Benefits of Juice Fasting • Georgia Cold-Noble
A Feel-Good Kind of Day • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht.
Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Essential Oils • Maria Low
The Feng Shui of Gratitude • Michele Lewis, CFSP
I Shouldn’t Feel this Way… It’s Only an Animal • Karen Nowak
Body Cupping Therapy • Deborah Lee
Myofascial Release for the HEART • Mary Loveless
Turmeric Golden Milk—Feel Younger with a Morning Drinking •
Our Strength in Our Union—Astrological Overview of the Work Ahead • K. Garcia
Happy Birthday to Me! • Florence Guest
Get Your Body Back! My Mind & Body Transformation • Laura Bolduc

September–October 2016 • Vol 3, No 88

From the Editor…

Recipe: Apple ’n Blueberry Flaxseed Muffins • Janice Feuer-Haugen
Choice • Jacque Chapman
Ask Connie—Dreamwork in Groups • Connie Myslik-McFadden
Accunect®: The Future of Medicine Is Here Today! • Jon Olsen
The Stars Don’t Lie—Trump Will Win the White House! • Jean Hart
Heart Health with Nitric Oxide (It’s a Gas!) • Marlenea La Shomb
The Zen of Beauty— Autumn Transformations • Deborah Lee
Healing Your Gut! • Amanda Kimmel
Fairies—True Life Stories… • Barbara Michael-Grover
Top 5 Reasons to Do a Liver Flush • Georgia Cold-Noble
SPX: Nature’s Supreme ‘Ultra-Food’ for Optimal Health • Christopher L. Rudy
Lost Animals and the Variables of Finding Them • Karen E. Nowak
Your Body Needs Attention! • Maria Low
Hypnotherapy: The Subconscious Mind Can Correct Any Problem
that the Conscious Mind Creates • Douglas Bell, R.Ph, C.Ht
SUPERFOODS—What They Are & Why You Need Them! • Denis Ouellette
Homebirth in Southwest Montana • April Mellito, LM, CLC
Montana’s Ruling and the Impact Medical Cannabis Patients • Lionheart Caregiving
Theta Healing: Unlocking the Keys to the Universe • Vianna Stibal
Get Your Body Back! My Mind & Body Transformation • Laura Bolduc
What Is Fascia? • Mary Loveless
Here’s to Chi • Dezri Rochin, LMT
Medical Freedom Movement Taking Hold in Montana • MMFC

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