Maximizing Your Qi When You’re on Vacation

Michele Lewis
July – August 2024 • Vol 4, No 11

After all the crazy weather we had in May and June, I’m ready to go somewhere WARM!! Planning a vacation this summer? Here are some tips to help you attract good qi wherever you go and however you choose to get there!

A road trip—whether by car or RV—can be a fabulous way to see and experience new places and new people. Start your trip right with the obvious. Make sure that your vehicle is in good working order; an unexpected repair on the road can cut into your travel time, as well as your pocketbook. Give your vehicle a good interior cleaning before you go to bring good vibes into your car, as well as helping clear obstacles to having a good trip. If traveling by RV or camper, it’s likely that it has been sitting closed up all winter. Clear that old, stagnant energy that has gathered by airing it out thoroughly; you want to clear all musty, old odors. You may need to burn a smudge or incense to clear negative qi that may linger. Your vehicle is your “home away from home” while traveling, so a thorough cleansing is worth the effort!

If you are flying, don’t let the stress of being in a hurry drain you of all your energy. Allow plenty of time to check in, as well as getting through security. With all the security screening measures, especially the full body x-ray scans, it’s important to have good, strong qi around you to help protect you from any energetic drain. If you “opt out” of the scan, the total body pat down can be invasive of your privacy and draining. Keep your energy levels strong by being well rested, not letting your blood sugar get too low, and being alert. Feel and visualize the qi within extending out and creating a protective “bubble” of energy around you.

Up to 50% of the air on planes is recirculated and carries the other passenger’s germs and other nasty stuff. A little bottle (less than 4 oz, so you get it through security!) of your favorite essential oil to sniff and dab on will keep you refreshed.

Now that you have arrived, the positive or negative qi of your accommodations can have a great impact on the enjoyment level of your trip. Whether you’re staying in a hotel room, on a cruise ship, or renting a vacation home, you are affected by what has been there before. You can be sure that others have left their energetic “mark”. If you are greeted by a strong stale odor as you enter, it’s worth the effort to ask to see another room.

For any room, if possible, open the windows to get fresh air in—fresh air works wonders to get things moving. One thing I really enjoy doing is buying a small, inexpensive plant or a fresh bunch of flowers to enjoy wherever I’m staying; they brighten the room and raise the qi level. Essential oils in a diffuser work well to clear old energy and its accompanying stale odor. Incense or smudges are not a good choice as they could set the smoke detector off.

It’s important to do some clearing of the bed. Ringing a bell of any kind over and around the bed helps move any negative qi. One method I use that also works well (and doesn’t have to be packed) is clapping your hands or snapping your fingers!

And of course, you want a good night’s sleep! Clearing the room and bed are crucial of course, but there are also other things you can do to enhance your chances of getting restful sleep. Unplug the microwave, as well as the TV when not watching it. It also helps to cover the TV screen. I have a sheet that I pack just for this. Your room may also have a large mirror facing the bed; this can also be covered if it is disruptive to you. The more you can do to “calm” the room, the better sleep you’ll get.

The best and most effective Feng Shui that you can practice while on your trip is to remember to be considerate and kind to all who become a part of your vacation experience—whether it’s the hotel staff, the server where you eat, or the folks in the room next to you. Every trip can have its stressful, unexpected events. If you can remember to be harmonious and thoughtful of all who cross your path, it is certain that you will have a rewarding, good qi trip!

Trained in China and the US, Michele Lewis is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and has been a Feng Shui professional since 1998. She is available for consultations on-site or via phone. By using the timeless principles of the art and science of Feng Shui, Michele can help you bring balance and beauty to every aspect of your life. She is also a Certified Qigong Instructor of Ling Gui Healing Qigong School, Liu Dong’s Method. Michele Lewis can be reached at 406-224-0803, or at