Keep on Reading, Learning & Growing!

Raymond Ziemkowski
Jan – Feb 2024 • Vol 4, No 8

We know from the recorded lives of Saints and Sages of the world’s diverse religious traditions, that enlightenment and direct connection with God/Source is a possible and experienced reality. Each unique story and path adds to a “collective revelation” of our potential experience of God and unity, beyond our human sense of limitation and separation.

The “ultimate” Venn diagram of mankind’s course from separation to unity, includes the unique circle of experience and perspective of each of us. The more overlap we see and know, the more unity and cooperation we will experience in our lives and our world.

A Venn diagram uses overlapping circles or other shapes to illustrate the logical relationships between two or more sets of items. Often, they serve to graphically organize things, highlighting how the items are similar and different.

Every new person we meet… every new book, teaching or idea we discover, contributes to expanding our circle of understanding and compassion and offers an opportunity to bring us together towards an ultimate unified circle of oneness and unity.

Do you have a favorite saint or sage, or teacher and teaching, that inspires you to expand the circle of your understanding and your love/ compassion toward all life?

It’s a fun and rewarding exercise to sit down and distill a list of the top ten books that you have read, that have influenced your life and understanding. You might be inspired to read again and reboot these tomes that have inspired you on your life journey.

Two books, A Dweller on Two Planets and An Earth Dweller’s Return, by Phylos the Thibetan, published by Borden Publishing Co., are in my top ten esoteric book list. Collectively, these two books chronicle the progression of “classic” karmic entanglements of a group of souls, as well as larger national, ethnic and planetary karmas playing out (the battle of light and darkness) from their root causes in Lemuria and Atlantis until finding resolution in 19th century America.

These books can be read as fiction or embraced as an Akashic record of our soul’s individual and collective struggles through our earthly journey in time and space. Some of the most powerful imagery of the written word that I have ever read, are within these books.

It is comforting and brings co-measurement to our understanding of the world we live in today, when we see and understand what has been set in motion in our ancient past and is come to our doorstep for resolution today.

I’m convinced that planetary peace and unity will never be achieved by political or militant force. Peace and unity will ultimately be won by the work that we do on ourselves, as within so without. Imagine a planet and culture that honors each individual’s sovereignty and unique path to experience life, learn and grow. Separation and division will decrease, and unity and cooperation will rule the day.

I am grateful for a new year of self-discovery and service. I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you my love/wisdom through the Natural Life News online magazine.

Peace, Joy and Blessings to You Throughout the New Year!

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