Amidst Lockdowns, Tragedies & Wars…

David Christopher Lewis
March – April 2021 • Vol 3, No 114

One emotional and spiritual boon amidst the current Orwellian situation around the world is to maintain a positive attitude and an optimistic disposition about our present state and our potential rosy future. Fear, angst, dread and reactivity toward those who have orchestrated or enforced the grand deception now at play doesn’t serve our own long-term health and well-being. Conversely, these emotions lessen our immune system’s miraculous ability to maintain internal balance and harmony to ward off microscopic intruders, including mad, man-made viruses.

Humor and levity are key in refreshing heightened emotions and virtuous feelings about ourselves, others and the world. Keeping things light and centered within the greater context of our spirit’s entire existence over many millennia, during hundreds or thousands of lifetimes gives us pause to remain in a state of inner peace and soul equanimity. We have likely endured much more difficult situations in past lives—horrific wars, mass catastrophes, real plagues, starvation and worse. Denial, anger, hatred and rage stress our heart, liver, lungs and other organs and glands, as well as the chakras associated with these important bodily structures which we require to function optimally, so we can make it through this disquieting time with understanding, joy and a non-judgmental and even reverent attitude toward all.

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