Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy Zoom Class in May

Kim Shotola
Mar – Apr 2024 • Vol 4, No 9

We all have this amazing life force inside of us that can help animals and people. Because we all are matter and matter is energy, methods that utilize energy have the ability to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. For animals, energy work has the ability to:

  • Release and heal emotions from traumatic situations such as abuse, neglect, accident, or injury.
  • Resolve behavioral issues by providing relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Heal illness and injuries more quickly.
  • Require less anesthesia, so animals recover more easily from sedation.
  • Bring comfort and peace to you and your pet when they cross the rainbow bridge.
  • Open the doorway to animal communication. (Energy work can deepen your heart and soul connection.)

It is only natural to place your hand over an injured area of your body. Most people have no idea why they have this innate response. Here’s how you can offer basic healing energy to your pet:

  1. Sit on the floor (or furniture if needed) about 5–10 feet from your pet. It is best to start off with some distance as some animals are sensitive to energy.
  2. Set your intention to send healing energy to your pet for their greatest good, that your pet should only take whatever amount of energy they want to, and what they don’t use goes where it’s needed in the universe.
  3. Tap the center of your chest and your collarbone with your fingertips to awaken the energy. Rub your palms together.
  4. Let your arms hang naturally. Place your hands next to one another with your palms angled towards your pet. Allow energy to flow from your hands.
  5. If your pet moves away, stay where you are and send energy from the greater distance. In time, they will probably seek the energy and want to be close. It is never necessary to touch them, though. Let your animal show you how much energy they desire.

I taught Reiki and other energy work for many years. I was then guided by the animals and Saint Francis of Assisi to create an energy-work program they wanted people to learn called Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA.) It took two, patient years to receive the curriculum from them, and since early 2016, we have taught SASA to students from all over the world. SASA is energy in its purest, natural form. The animals and nature help you to:

  • Strengthen your connection with them by raising your frequency.
  • Receive their ancient wisdom and knowledge.
  • Become in tune with them by enhancing your innate abilities.
  • Nurture and direct the sacred energy within yourself.
  • Offer healing for animals, people, and situations based on their guidance.

Energy work helps you to become more grounded and in tune with yourself, others, and animals. Know that you are a beacon of light and love, connected to the animals and nature. SASA helps to raise your spiritual awareness so that you may impact the universe and bring joy and healing to all living things. The animals and nature come together to teach you profound and life-changing energy work.

Consider offering basic healing energy to the animals in your care. See the difference you can make. Perhaps you will be inspired to explore and learn more!

Kim is teaching Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy Zoom Class on the 5 Wednesdays in May, 2024. The 5-part class will be recorded if you can’t attend live. Learn these incredible skills from the comfort of your home. Go to: to learn more and to register.

Kim Shotola is a professional animal communicat