Take Advantage of This Free, Unconditional, Selfless Service

Leila Ji Zemke, MaitriBodhUSA.org
May – June 2023 • Vol 4, No 4

Healing has been an integral part of holistic health. It has been de-fined in scientific literature as “the process of bringing together aspects of one’s self, body-mind-spirit, at deeper levels of inner knowing, leading toward integration and balance, with each aspect having equal importance and value.”1

There are several modalities of healing for one’s physical and mental well-being. One such unique modality is Maitri Light, which is a combination of heart-felt prayer and powerful healing energy affectionately called a “Prayling” process.

The medium or giver of Maitri Light is prepared through spiritual practices and processes to have an awakened heart, which enables them to be a pure medium of Divine Love. Maitri Light process was devised by spiritual transformation pioneer and divine friend, Maitreya Dadashreeji. He is a Global Humanitarian here to assist humanity during a crucial and powerful time on earth as we enter the Divine Age (Sat Yug). This is a period of tremendous cleansing and transformation for the entire planet, when most human beings experience challenges at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, eventually requiring a strong Divine intervention to alleviate them from this phase of suffering.

You may be asking what are the practical benefits of this Maitri Light? A few areas of relief are restoring physical and emotional well-being or dissolving blocks and self-created obstacles in one’s life. Energizing the body, mind and soul allows each person to move forward in life positively and to establish a deep bond with their own Inner Divine.

This is a free service available for anyone, including children and infants. Maitri Light invites active participation from the recipient for their specific prayer intent. The process can be done in person or distantly. The participant is requested to give their consent. Following that, they are asked to connect with their own inner Divine Form or universal energy in the form of Light.

Simultaneously, the Maitri Light Medium connects with their Inner Divine, offers the participant’s prayer intent and begins the healing. The duration is about five minutes. The healing energy flows in the form of bright Divine light that one may experience, hence the name Maitri Light. It may be received once every 15 days.

MaitriBodh Parivaar Americas has Maitri Light Mediums throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. One need not be affiliated with us to receive this free, unconditional, selfless service.  You may request Maitri Light at: MaitriBodhusa.org/maitri_light. Email: info@maitribodhusa.org for more information.

Help is available, and it is free of cost.

1) Dossey B.M., Keegan L., Guzzetta C.E., Eds. Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, 4th Ed., Sudbury, Mass., Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2005.